Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Purchase your necklace today and give some special lady in Alabama some Faith, Hope, and Love

These necklaces are today's Daily Deal (the rest of the week) as well as a special service project. Whenever you purchase one necklace, one necklace will be donated to Ladies/Girls who were devestated by the tornadoes in Alabama. This special project will continue until Sunday. They will picking up the donated necklaces on Wednesday. Each necklace will be sent with a special note saying it was purchased for them, remembering them during their time of devestation....hoping to send some Faith, Hope, and Love.

Each Necklace is only $10. They make great gifts, buy now and put away for Christmas. (only 5 months away)

I would love to be able to send 100 necklaces! Purchase yours today!!!!
click here to purchase

*Allie B. Originals gift certificates are excluded from this offer...sorry....


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